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Bob Dylan — Make You Feel My Love
Album: Time Out Of Mind
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Released: 1997
Length: 3:28
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Bob Dylan (Bring it All Back Home Sessions) by ky_olsen

circa 1965: American rock singer and songwriter Bob Dylan playing the piano and the harmonica simultaneously with the use of a harmonica holder. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

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Adele, 23 y old (Adele Laurie Blue Adkins), born 5 May 1988, is an English singerplays the song Make You Feel My Love  (by Bob Dylan), theme included  in their recent Albúm, a very personal and interesting version, I must say.......beautiful!. This song has been covered before, by many artists. Sometimes, more well done than others. Either way, the original song, sung by Bob Dylan (terrible and caustic vocals), has a special flavor, no doubt. Perhaps this special way and inspiring of B. Dylan, has, unwittingly, led to think other singers, they could do better.
Now, surely that this artist Adele is a promise, just hope she resists the temptation and not easily dazzled and seduced by the allure of attractive and success that surrounds the world of music and show biz in general. Because the area in which it moves is the musically-light-pop-soul, is a land of shifting sands. She has surely natural conditions. And, have a nice voice, alone, is not all because some of the best "singer-songwriter" I appreciate most, they have a terrible voice, but singing with a feeling and an unmatched inner strength, which overcomes all. The voice is a natural gift, and either have, or not. She has a voice that impresses, from the first moment. Perhaps some lacking the charisma-style and artistic-personality, intensity, attitude, aesthetics (yes, these subjective factors, differentiated, and difficult to define, that make a artist unique and unmistakable), perhaps some particular characteristics not well defined, for the moment, for example, the level of creativity and nature of content in songs (cultural, social, human depths, etc.). What stirs people.But that will come sooner or later, to say in the future consistent with your voice talent (or not). We'll see. Why do I say this? Because beautiful voices appear out, of nowhere, every day throughout the world (idols, contests). Because there are currently in the world of music, authentic machines, making puppets and dolls-singing, rapidly promoted to the status of "stars"  and that only aim to get them maximum profit. Quality? What is it.
By the way, why Adele speaks to audiences, so fast, when she's on stage? lol
And if I may, I must say that I consider inappropriate to reproduce here a version of an original song, released in 1997 by B. Dylan, ignoring and relegating the original song. I like the version in the voice of Adele, but I do not consider correct.

This song rocks-it\'s my boyfriend\'s and mine song.