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Album: Aleya
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Total ratings: 791

Released: 2022
Length: 2:25
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I like this a lot
I like how the buildup before the drop sounds like someone pouring soda pop from a bottle.
wow. not normally my thing, but i really like this.

i agree, should have been a little longer than 2:26!
much, much, much, much TOO SHORT!!!
merci messieurs !
An easy 10. Splendid stuff.
EXCELLENT!  I never heard of them before. Thanx RP!   
Nice hearing this at 5.30 AM... today will be good.
This is GOOD! 🙏
This is super. What a lovely and uplifting tune. Solid 9 from me. Thanks again William & Co.!
That was quite a nice surprise.
Going with a 6 rating to start off.

Edit:  +1 to 7 rating
I like it, but I'm confused by the mix - the vocals too far back and drums too far forward.  A better mix would improve it.
I enjoyed that a lot -- upbeat, very bright, and well produced