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Bob Dylan — I Threw It All Away
Album: Nashville Skyline
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Total ratings: 201

Released: 1969
Length: 2:20
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I once held her in my arms
She said she would always stay
But I was cruel, I treated her like a fool
I threw it all away

Once I had mountains in the palm of my hand
And rivers that ran through every day
I must have been mad, I never knew what I had
Until I threw it all away

Love is all there is, it makes the world go 'round
Love and only love, it can't be denied
No matter what you think about it, you just won't be able to do without it
Take a tip from one who's tried

So if you find someone that gives you all of her love
Take it to your heart, don't let it stray
One thing for certain, you will surely be a-hurtin'
If you throw it all away, if you throw it all away
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I think someone can say "not his best" about every single song he has done and you wouldn't be wrong. There are no rules to what we like or dislike.  I may say that about the same song once and later say it is one of his best. Music is subjective but Bob's music takes that to a whole other level.  I would be very hard pressed to choose one song by Dylan and say that now and forever, this is his best song. Personally, whatever song I am listening to at the time is his best song in that moment. Just my humble opinion.
first time i'm hearing this song.
i like it
Not his best
On Bob's behalf, I'd like to thank every vote, especially the 30% that are 1's and also say he doesn't give a care.  He's courted controversy his entire career and this is further evidence of his success.  Some love it.  Some hate it.  But very few are lukewarm (lukecold?).
There are songs that need to be loud, flashy, technically amazing, with lyrics whose meaning could be debated at length.

Then there are songs where the artist just says what he needs to say, plainly and unadorned.
Is it possible that there's not a single comment on this song yet?