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Wilco — Meant to Be
Album: Cousin
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Length: 3:46
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If my words say what you meant to say
Doesn't that say we were meant to feel this way?

Holding our hearts closer together
Keeping to ourselves an empty sea
So we can believe
Our love is meant to be

A lonely man throws himself on an open flame
Doesn't that say he should have found another way?

Hold my heart closer to yours
Vacation is starting
You're not coming home to me
Do you still believe?
Our love is meant to be
Our love is meant to be

Each day is longer than the one before
Fewer left, less and less, I need you more

Telling myself, I can wait forever
Holding my thoughts, far away from never
Keeping to myself
And I still believe you're the only one
Our love is meant to be
Our love is meant to be
It is to me
It is to me
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Interesting and different...rather surprised to see it was Wilco...reminds me of Tim (and even a bit of Neil) Finn.

Hey boys...get back to playing  RnR. Or country.  Or punk grudge. Or trippy. Or Guthrie songs. 

But not this stuff. whatever it is. 

You all need to travel down to Belleville, IL...and get in contact with your roots. 
The album cover makes we want to buy the album, I don't have a record player, I'd hang it on the wall.
Outstanding, instantly likable. I love the pop sensibility. Not the typical Wilco Alt rock/ country sound.
It has always taken me a few listens to get the genius of Jeff Tweedy, but when it becomes clear it’s delightful 
I like it
Released: September 29, 2023 
Label: dBpm