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Shamir — Reproductive
Album: Heterosexuality
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Total ratings: 220

Released: 2022
Length: 4:33
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Returned Venus, love is meaningless
For the first 25 and I guess that's alright with me
Life gets tricky when you're breaking curses from another life
In the hopes that the next one will be...

A reward for all the strife I hold within me
So much that it's almost comical
At best, I'm exceedingly protean
And at worst I'll never know peace...

Reproductive and destruction from which I can't come back
And god knows I know that, but still...
I'll stay focused on my purpose
Done holding myself back, the world will do that for me...

And the off chance I have a moment of clarity
It magnifies the ugly truth
I'll make sure the evil ends here with me
If it's the only thing I do...

Returned Venus, death is seamless when you sharpen the knife
There's a chance you might not even bleed
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Forces me to stop whatever I'm doing and check the artist, also to note that I've already rated it. Nice. 
The wiki for the album seems intriguing in concept. Placed in my YT music library for further listing. Giving this  a 7 for a start.
So impressed with Shamir. If anyone actually understood the environment in which he was raised, you would be too.  He is not from Las Vegas proper but North Las Vegas, an independent community adjacent to Las Vegas. It is rough. He references this in the song Northtown.
Adele ruined modern female singing, with all that scratch and dig, Vocal fry and squeaky angst.

And stay off my lawn.
 Kingsized wrote:

Nice addition to RP and gets the award for using "protean" in a song. 

This award should only be given if the word is actually audible in the song without having to look at the lyrics provided.
Love this! Prince reincarnated? <3
The tremolo of  Eilish spread!
It gets better with a few listens!  
Seems to almost grab at the branches of greatness as they go by, but can't quite get a good grip... 

Anyone get a The Cure vibe in there somewhere?
Nice addition to RP and gets the award for using "protean" in a song. 
Nice groove, kind of dreamy feel.