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Molly Lewis — Island Spell
Album: The Forgotten Edge
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Total ratings: 348

Released: 2021
Length: 2:12
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This is awesome, IMO.
There's the Wiki entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Molly_Lewis_(whistler)
Adventurelandia — The Enchanted Tiki Room in Walt Disney World, 1984
Watching the sun sparkle on the lake in July as this came on and it is not only perfect for the evening but it also transported me to Kauai.
Man the live version is great live
Can't decide if this is more appropriate for a luau or intermission at a hockey game.
thank you so much for the warning prior to playing this that this was going to be whistling. that is like nails on the chalkboard. and i thank you for giving me the chance to PSD. 
First time hearing;
I've no idea how to classify this, but I love it...
Will the real Molly Lewis please stand up?  One of you is a infamous whistler, the other an inveterate ukulele player. 

I think we have an episode of To Tell the Truth going on here...
Definitely not the same Molly Lewis that's linked.  It is, in fact https://www.molly-lewis.com/
Love a whistling musician like Andrew Bird
I want to watch her whistle, in person.
Whatever might be the merits of this rather odd artifact (even though this must be the piece that Donovan has been best known by), I heard the spoken parts at the beginning from across the room at extremely low volume and immediately knew what this piece was. It's remarkable to me how a tiny fragment of a piece of music, even at nearly subliminal levels, can congure up a flood of connections. Yes, possibly even Donovan cringes at this piece, but there was a time when it was inescapable on radio. I do appreciate hearing it occasionally.
Is that Tori Amos on the cover?
Could be in a Tarentino movie )
and today's windohs picture is Bora Bora
I can't explain the appeal but this whimsy of a song is uplifting.
Thanks for the chuckle, William and company.
C'mon folks, 'eclectic' is part of why we're here!

First time hearing this. Kind of growing on me. Might rank it higher on further listens.

Thanks RP!
She should give herself the stage name Molly Lewistle.
This and the previous cut, Firesuite by the Doves, have some similarities? Do ya think it's deliberate... ? Asking for my d.j. friend. 
Love the list of instruments she plays.
Had to look up stylophone.
Also lists whistle as another instrument.
In this tune the whistling sounds like two lips and an exhale to me.
Wait, Molly Lewis on RP? 🤯 🕺
New music [to me] !
Wow, love the whistling and pedal steel work. Has a very Hawaiian feel to it. Am I hearing some Don Ho here? Nice tune, opening with a solid 7 from Napoli on the Gulf