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Willie Wright — Nantucket Island
Album: Telling The Truth
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Total ratings: 276

Released: 1977
Length: 3:30
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I've spent a lot of time on Cape Cod, including Nantucket, but I've never heard this song before or heard of the artist. It's a nice tune though. 
Another artist I'd never heard of. Might've heard this song once before (?)
I like it. I'm gonna dig into his catalog...
The previous tune was albatross by Fleetwood Mac. What an excellent transition. Same key, very similar electric guitar sound.
Instant happiness
This is delightful and works on any beach, anywhere. :)
Very fun 
Oh I like this!
Hoping others who like it will also comment.
Makes me want to check out his other music.
Sounds very Caribbean island but not very New England island. Nice tune anyway.