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Rush — The Spirit Of Radio
Album: Permanent Waves
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Total ratings: 432

Released: 1980
Length: 4:55
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Begin the day
With a friendly voice
A companion, unobtrusive
Plays the song that’s so elusive
And the magic music makes your morning mood

Off on your way
Hit the open road
There is magic at your fingers
For the Spirit ever lingers
Undemanding contact
In your happy solitude.

Invisible airwaves
Crackle with life
Bright antennae bristle
With the energy
Emotional feedback
On a timeless wavelength
Bearing a gift beyond price –
Almost free…

All this machinery
Making modern music
Can still be open-hearted
Not so coldly charted
It’s really just a question
Of your honesty

One likes to believe
In the freedom of music
But glittering prizes
And endless compromises
Shatter the illusion
Of integrity

“For the words of the profits,
Are written on the studio wall,
Concert hall –
Echoes with the sounds…
Of salesmen.”
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Simply have to stop work and  perform a clumsy mix of air drums and guitar right through to the end (especially the end!). There is no choice..my body demands it...
Just watched an interesting documentary on the making 2112 and Moving Pics on either Amazon Prime or Netflix - worth seeing if you have interest.

An Interesting insight was they were about to be dropped from their label for poor sales and were given one more shot - rather than play it safe they would do what THEY wanted and hence 2112! Also didn't realize that Ann Rand was a big influence for that album; I say very cool!
Thanks for adding more Rush, Bill.

The world NEEDS to know!
This takes me back to 10th grade...one of my favorite bands, still. So much musicianship. I never tire of this album.  
I was not too convinced at first... but the change in rhythm got me :D 
1986. Rosemont Horizon, just outside of Chicago. Power Windows tour. Front row. Opened with this. High school kid in sheer heaven.
Greatest air drum song ever. Except for maybe Tom Sawyer. 
OMG, turn it up! i'm 8 again and listening to my older brother's record, I wore these grooves down!
I can't believe that Rush, any album, has been so ignored by Aussie radio. The first I bought was 2112 and I slowly accumulated every album, on vinyl, a prized collection.
Never heard them here, apparently USA and Europe loved them. For a three piece they rank at the top. Musically and progressively they rank at the top.
 alain.brault wrote:
This is way overplayed here...

Apparently whoever thumbs downed this doesn't understand "Sarcasm"
my username is relevant! 
Woooh ! I never hear Rush, why are they so commercially unacceptable ? Yay, do it some more.
Seen RUSH live alot....Holy Crap!!!   POWER TRIO!
This is way up there as the best Progressive rock ever!!! RIP Neil🙏
This is the best song of all time. Done and done.
This song will never stop growing on me.
Rip Neal
This song always makes me think of Freaks & Geeks
This is way overplayed here...
Can I rate this 11?