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Sade — The Sweetest Gift
Album: Lovers Rock
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Total ratings: 597

Released: 2000
Length: 2:14
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Quietly while you were asleep
The moon and I were talking
I asked that she'd always keep you protected

She promised you her light
That you so gracefully carry
You bring your light and shine like morning

And then the wind pulls the clouds across the moon
Your light fills the darkest room
And I can see the miracle
That keeps us from falling

She promised all the sweetest gifts
That only the heaven's could bestow
You bring your light and shine like morning

And as you so gracefully give
Her light as long as you live
I'll always remember this moment
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Just love her voice and music!
She was SO cool back in 1982. Listening to her in London. Forty years ago. So amazed she still has that assured voice after all that time. But, what else could she do? So well?
Just voice and guitar.  No frills and fripperies (apologies to Robert of that ilk).
A beautiful lullaby.  Thanks RP.
Surprised am I, to hear this Sade song for the 1st time on RP, thanks to the 'Mellow Mix' - and then I see that this one has been played on the 'Main Mix' once in the last 30 days.

What a simple, short and beautiful song this one is, easy 9, and I'm looking forward to hearing this on the 'Main Mix' or even 'My Favorites' now that I've rated this one 8+.  

Great voice!
That voice...
precious Sade!  just love her voice...  
A massive passage of talent - sure its subdued - but what a true peace of mind - Get Cat Stevens/Mohammed Yusoff and Sade together Right Now!!! Bill & Beck, make it happen ...
Perfectly sublime and silky voice. In the midst of a busy day, her voice is both soothing and energizing.
As someone who grew up in the 80s, to hear Sade, here, as a muture artist, is a pure pleasure ; D
Am I imagining things? No  comments!