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The Allman Brothers Band — Little Martha
Album: Eat A Peach
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Released: 1972
Length: 2:04
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"Little Martha" was the only Allman Brothers Band track written solely by group leader and partial namesake Duane Allman.
The song first appeared as the final studio track on the Allman Brothers Band's fourth album,  'Eat a Peach', released in 1972.
The track was recorded in October 1971, a few weeks before Duane Allman's death in a motorcycle accident.

Duane Allman's original recording of the song is a bouncy fingerstyle acoustic guitar instrumental duet with minimal accompaniment.
Allman and bandmate Dickey Betts played the tune on 6-string guitars using open E tuning.
The song's simple melody and rhythmic counterpoint quickly made it a favorite among fans.
Acoustic guitar virtuoso Leo Kottke, who often covered the song in performance, once called it "the most perfect guitar song ever written."
- Wikipedia

 flatop wrote:

..I think you mean ditty? but hey titty works haha!

 k_trout wrote:

A beautiful little titty.....Love it.

..I think you mean ditty? but hey titty works haha!
A ten from me. It's perfect.
A beautiful little titty.....Love it.
Little Martha is one of the best ever. . . and this is my favorite Allman Bros album, too. 
One of my favorite albums and one of my favorite instrumentals.
Acoustic Allman Bros - gotta love it!