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Robin Trower — Lady Love
Album: Bridge Of Sighs
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Total ratings: 415

Released: 1974
Length: 3:13
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Lady love, I heard a voice and it soothed me
Lady love, a simple tune and it moved me
Move me and sooth me
Leading me home
Truly for me now
Lady love

Lady love, a man's a fool to believe in
dreams of love, passing by like the seasons.
Maybe I'll wake up
Oh tell me I will
And find you there waiting

Lady love

Lady love, I need some warm and tender
Nights of love, sweet and fine to remember
Maybe tomorrow, your fever will find me
Waiting for me now
Lady love
I'll find you waiting, lady love
Find you there waiting, lady love
I'll find you waiting, lady love
Waiting, waiting lady love
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Oh,  Bridges Of Sighs... 
Loved this song from the get-go and now that I am sharing it with my beautiful Colombian wife in Amsterdam it takes it to a whole other level.  Trippin' Trower !! 
Saw him live a couple of years ago. Still has it, but there's no replacing James Dewar, RIP.
Hearin' a lot of Clapton riffs.
Trower was complemented by some very good rock vocalists (both James Dewar & Jack Bruce at different times).  Great to hear this on RP. Where else ?
Only one prior comment?  Unbelievable!  This is perhaps Mr Trower's best.
What a great Trower album! Thanks RP!! 

More cowbell....