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Crosby, Stills & Nash — Guinnevere
Album: Crosby, Stills & Nash
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Total ratings: 653

Released: 1969
Length: 4:32
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Guinnevere had green eyes
Like yours, my lady like yours
She'd walk down through the garden
In the morning after it rained

Peacocks wandered aimlessly
Underneath an orange tree
Why can't she see me?

Guinnevere drew pentagrams
Like yours, my lady like yours
Late at night when she thought
That no one was watching at all on the wall

She shall be free
As she turns her gaze
Down the slope to the harbor where I lay
Anchored for a day

Guinnevere had golden hair
Like yours, my lady like yours
Streaming out when we'd ride
Through the warm wind down by the bay

Yesterday, seagulls circle endlessly
I sing in silent harmony
We shall be free
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i listen to the words now and as it was years ago; i wish for the rest of the story.
The thing about this song is that it is almost entirely harmonized from start to finish.
And done most excellently
Muchas Gracias, Senor Bill!
The one I knew .., Yep she was THAT 🥵 smokin hot G Shepard ? Come home!
It’s already been said I’ll say it again Beautiful
Nice to hear a lesser heard tune from this amazing album.
One of the best songs, from one of the best "rock and roll" albums ever recorded.

She had green eyes.  Like yours m'lady; like yours.

Just saw David Crosby last week in Napa. He played this song, and is still sounding amazingly good for someone his age.  Actually, amazingly good for someone of any age. 
An artifact of the era when men called their girlfriends "lady" and were entranced by pentagrams and all that shit. Then reality crashed in, with a roof that needed fixing and kids that needed shoes. Sigh. 
Such lovely harmonies though. 
Has there ever been a better harmony group? 
So nice to hear this, thank you Bill.
So beautiful.  Makes you just stop everything!
Lovely. Those boys could sing a harmony or two. 
Just so stunningly beautiful.
Thanks for adding this classic gem to the playlist.
you're playing so much CSN today—did somebody die?