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Album: A Book Like This
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Released: 2008
Length: 3:55
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There goes the gal,
In the pretty skirt with the
Golden smile that made you feel new.
Like when the marching band strolls the street,
You know another years come too soon.
So you took her hand and she gave a look, that sent you to the moon.
And there you spoke the words of a gentleman
Can I have this dance with you
Can I share this dance with you

Won't you come on home,
I built us a flying machine.
And well go where you want, we'll sail the seven seas.
I hope all is well, in Daisy's dreams.

There goes the gal,
Yeah the pretty bird, on the golden mile that made you feel real.
She took withon to the stars.
She don't make no big deal.
There she sits with them big old fields of daisies and rusty mills.
And when the sun it shines on her hair of gold,
She's beautiful,
She's beautiful.

Won't you come on home
I built us a flying machine
And well go where you want well sail the seven seas
I hope all is well in Daisy's dreams
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Delicious sound. Chilled and beautiful vocals
Lovely and calming. So needed now.
super sound quality!
The closest vocal to Tom McRae I've heard. Very Nice. 

Love the melancholy sound with the hopeful lyrics.

The album is pretty erratic in my opinion. Some tracks I can't deal with. 

Nicely intimate. 

And here at the front end of my day listening to this sets it up equally as nice.  

American Net'Zen
Hi All
My first comment as ive just registered altho ive been listening to RP for a couple years

Nice choon :) 
My latest earworm.
 the_jake wrote:
Who is Daisy?

Emotional little number, I feel.  I like it a lot.
Who is Daisy?
Smooth.. Like it a lot... :)
Very nice
Sounds like a great addition to my Chill Set. Her voice reminds me of Erin McKeown.
they had me at "hello"


Very Nice feel to this