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Madrugada — Electric
Album: Industrial Silence
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Total ratings: 292

Released: 1999
Length: 4:47
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Pack your bag, run away
Along the freeway, out of town
With the light, on through the night
It's over, it's alright

From this bed, between the sheets
Spilling over, spinning round
Bleeding still, in the street
Ain't it bitter, ain't it sweet?

Holding, holding on to you again
Holding, holding on to you again
Don't rush it, don't rush it, my love
Holding on, holding, holding on to you

I bet you lie, on your back
In the backseat of his car
Kettle black, pepper night
Dylan Thomas, passed around
Passing out on the floor
In the bathroom, black light veil
We all meet once again
We sing the songs and drink the wine

Well, how long did we stay in there?
Well, I can't believe my eyes
Well, how long did I take this?
Well, I can't hold on, hold on

Holding, holding on to you again
Holding, holding on to you again
I'm ready, I'm ready my love
I'm holding, holding on to you
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I came here to rave about the number of Pearl Jam songs on RP... but... it's not them.

I'll give myself that well-deserved slap in the face, thank you 
Just went to 8
I could listen to Sivert for hours. Love his voice. 
Any one else hear 'The Cranberries'? but this is my prefered version 
Useless fact: This album name and cover shows up twice on RP's list of albums. (click on the artist).
Thanks RP for introducing yet another great band to my collection.
Sometimes I think the bucket is already overflowing, but it magically holds another and another.
Easy 8 here, sending peace and love