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Manu Chao — Denia
Album: Esperanza
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Released: 2013
Length: 4:39
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denia denia.
denia Denia
masskina aljazair
laylayla laylayla
kolachi lazem
denia tasskonha
aljazair denia
asskonha aynik
denia tasskonha
alkadba masskina
aljazair kalbi
adrab min chafek
masskina aljazair
masskina aljazair
denia tasskonha
acharre denia
tasskonha alilemasskina
aljazair denia
tasskonha aynik
hbile nasse
li bakat loilida
hbile nasse masskina aljazair

*English translation*


Poor Algeria
Life beats in the rhythm of your dismay
Life itself is a lie
My heart aches to watch you
Poor Algeria
Life through your eyes
Life as lie
Life swarming with police
Life soaked with
mothers' tears
Life racked with madness
Poor Algeria

Who really cares
in America about
what's happening in Algeria?
Who really knows??
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manu chao always brings me down relaxed when my head is full of garbage, nonsense, stupid people and myself...
thanks for that!
Led Zeppelin "Immigrant Song"  —>  Manu Chao "Denia"

gif of Bill Belichick saying, "What the F*

File under: Painful Segues. 

And yes, Belichick's gonna curse all night long. 

It's like a really long skip.
Algeria has been f-cked by both the Turks and French.
Happy to hear Manu Chao on RP. Great music.
Heartbreaking when you read the lyrics
Nice to hear another cut by Manu Chao.  Haven't heard anything but one other song of theirs but knew this was them right away due to their unique sound - fun, breezy...bit of Caribbean/Reggae