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The Waifs — Blindly Believing
Album: Beautiful You
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Released: 2015
Length: 3:50
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I picked her up in a January storm
She was breathing the coldest air she'd ever known
Carrying the sun on her skin from the home far away
I didn't know what she was leaving behind
But I could tell on her face she had trouble in mind
The years had been kind but her eyes didn't shine any more

She said
Dirty little birds with dirty little wings
That flies through the night to other pretty things
I called him today and said I was leaving
Ooh Dirty little birds with dirty little claws
That scratch at my heart singing love's forever
More the fool I am for blindly believing
Blindly believing

Well she took off her coat pulled out a chair
She fixes me with an empty stare
Says..."It's sure wild out"'
Something about the tremble in her voice
Toys with a mans easy choices
Tomorrow's choice will make everything alright

In a dream in a web in a breathe of poison words
A cold wind howls
Loves a dirty little dirty bird
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 hayduke2 wrote:

Me too!
Are the tomatoes dirty . . .
sounds like some rocky-poppy Americana
i like it
but they're from Oz
All of the birds outside my window today are dirty! I still LOVE them!       {#Wave}
As many RPers like to say... derivative. {#Cheesygrin}

                   A bird came down the walk:
            I did not know a deja vu from a dew
           From my all convenient what are you
                      And then who hopped
                       Sidewise to the wall?
                       To let a beetle pass.
                         A dirty little bird 
New music by the Waifs is always a welcome thing.  Thanks Bill.
Lyrics HERE
that is the ultimate compliment cupajoe!  this is a super little song   : )
Another album that I must buy.
lovely little Waifs...{#Daisy}  {#Daisy}  {#Daisy}
I agree sounds good!! 
Sounds great, like old Bonnie Raitt, like Moanin' Michelle Malone; like something old, yet something new; nice vocals, twangy guitars...
Enjoying everything about this.