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Grateful Dead — Saint Stephen
Album: Aoxomoxoa
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Total ratings: 148

Released: 1969
Length: 4:24
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Saint Stephen with a rose, in and out of the garden he goes,
Country garden in the wind and the rain,
Wherever he goes the people all complain.

Stephen prospered in his time, well he may and he may decline.
Did it matter, does it now? Stephen would answer if he only knew how.
Wishing well with a golden bell, bucket hanging clear to hell,
Hell halfway twixt now and then,
Stephen fill it up and lower down and lower down again.

Lady finger, dipped in moonlight, writing "What for?" across the morning sky.
Sunlight splatters, dawn with answer, darkness shrugs and bids the day goodbye.

Speeding arrow, sharp and narrow,
What a lot of fleeting matters you have spurned.
Several seasons with their treasons,
Wrap the babe in scarlet colors, call it your own.
Did he doubt or did he try? Answers aplenty in the bye and bye,
Talk about your plenty, talk about your ills,
One man gathers what another man spills.

Saint Stephen will remain, all he's lost he shall regain,
Seashore washed by the suds and foam,
Been here so long, he's got to calling it home.

Fortune comes a crawlin', calliope woman, spinnin' that curious sense of your own.
Can you answer? Yes I can. But what would be the answer to the answer man?
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Phils bass playing, simply amazing
psychedelic Grateful Dead skeleton with roses
Grateful Dead = PSD
Hello and Rock-a-bye - Waves reaches the shore it may also take fifteen minutes.
I wish another talking head singing twisted time.Bye bye.
Why won't you play What's Become of the Baby? The semi-reconstituted Dead managed it this past summer. Never thought I would hear this on this site, but it is not possible to listen to this objectively due to its apparent fusing with a number of synapses.
There aren't too many that can play a bass like Phil in this song.
Yup, love it.  Trippy, quirky, jerky, melodic, and righteous, has all the best qualities of their best songs.
<1 = PSD

One of my favorites.

One man gathers...what another man spills.  
My goodness, what a blast!