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Jesse Colin Young — Four in the Morning
Album: The Soul of a City Boy
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Released: 1964
Length: 3:21
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Four in the morning and the water's pouring down,
Stove don't work and my baby has just left town,

I'm lying on my back 'cause there just ain't nothing to drink,
Empty bottles on the floor and dirty dishes in the sink.

Nothin to drink and the sun ain't gonna shine,
I left my baby 'cause she wouldn't stop lyin',

I'm watching a cockroach crawling in an old bean can,
Says now when your baby's left you I bet it's tough to be a man,
Be a man.

Jimmie Joe come to see me with legs all bandaged up,
He was asking for some money and all I had was a buck,

I saw my baby and she took back all that she said,
It don't make no difference now, 'cause I shot them both in bed.

Four in the morning and the water's pouring down,
Stove don't work and my baby has just left town.
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Jason Isbel is certainly mining this vein. Love the slowed-down-Stills-style guitar playing in this one, and love the way everything rings.
1964 - really? Sounds like a current song for me.
At first I thought this was a faster version of my favorite Ryan Adams song, Let it Ride (live on a BBC program)... I can see where he got some of his inspiration for it though. Good stuff.
I heard Jesse Colin Young live in a little coffeehouse in Detroit when I was in high school. My best friend and I went two evenings in a row to hear him. Too embarassed to do more than nod in acknowledgement when he noticed us. Great memory though!
Wow!  JCY at age 22.  Very fresh.
really quite beautiful  : )
Did not know anything about Jesse, so i googled and Wikipedia shows the following, which may be worth reading if interested.

Jesse was the lead singer for the Youngbloods..

Here is the link


 hopper99 wrote:
Released 1964? Sounds like way ahead of time!

absolutely - amazing
That was great, I really enjoyed that.  How is it I never heard that before.  Thanks Bill.
Here's Jesse's website, where he is still asking us to, "Get Together".  https://www.jessecolinyoung.com/  For those of you who recognize the voice, but not the group, "The YoungBloods" later did :Get Together", "Darkness, Darkness", and other classics.  Great singer, who was incidentally in the fourth grade with Paul Simon.
Released 1964? Sounds like way ahead of time!
Wow... Really paints a picture! Strong hints of his coming discovery & ascent in here, it seems! Thanks, RP, for playing such classics!
Such a tasty tune.