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Moby — The Dogs
Album: Innocents
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Total ratings: 311

Released: 2013
Length: 8:27
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God, god
Get down
Can you make my love console myself
Could've broken with no-one else
I was so a fear, but I know that life was everything
Love was a one-time thing
But I only brought my hand to my knife when I sing
Love, make it dog-style

Come on baby
Come on baby
Come on baby

Love myself with a broken-hearted love
What I never saw what do I care?
You don't want a sick celebration love
Think about a broken time was soulless
And oh and I was fear and I was on my knees
You gonna tell me, would you break my love you're stealing my love

Come on baby
Come on baby
Come on baby
Love come on baby
Come on baby

Let me feel my gift to god grow
And I love one time when your life goes suck
And you did it with an open heart now
I feel it, I am awake 'till my only time
Wanna go down so you can wake up tired
I was holding my
And I was looking for something else, but I want love

Come on baby
Love come on baby
Come on baby
Come on baby

Oh fuck it
I see it forever
When you waking, I'm going to break your love

Come on
Love come on baby
Come on baby
Love come on baby
Come on baby
Come on baby
Come on baby
Come on baby
You'll know it feels good
Come on baby
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Moby is hit or miss for me. ...this is a miss!
OMG, enough of the synth...
What da...
It's tough for me not to like all of Moby's stuff, even this song. It's wonderfully contemplative. Not everything has to be dance music.
Unfortunately I don't have a PSD option on my internet radio box. 
Judging by previous comments this used to play silently. My guess is this is when it garnered its higher ratings. 
It's a 1 for me. 
My dog gives this song a paws down rating.
Some of the most depressing, miserable "music" I've ever heard in my life.
what's up with the lyrics? They're not from this song.
 TheBorgBuilder wrote:

Sometimes you love the artist, sometimes you just want to put them in a soundproof room for a while...
Ok, I understand the reason for playing this. It's world animal welfare day today.
The Dogs quit barking.
A moment of silence brought to you by Moby.
I hear voices, just not right now.{#Stupid}
Just hopped over to grooveshark to fill in the break with. Love the song, but you might want to see about fixing this if you are using the 9'26" version
still giving it a ten.
Moby's covering Cage's 4'33"? How cool is this? {#Nyah}
Talk about minimalism....
Same here, I think this track is broken Bill

kojiroh wrote:
This doesn't have any sound either :(


I'm not hearing anything.  I've noticed this seems to occasionally happen the first time something is played...
 kojiroh wrote:
This doesn't have any sound either :(

Well, (a) song was going for awhile, did it finish and this soundless song come on?
This doesn't have any sound either :(