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Eels — Numbered Days
Album: Shootenanny!
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Total ratings: 170

Released: 2003
Length: 3:39
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I never thought i'd go
But i never thought you so
Until now that i see
All the crazy things you're doing
Why you wanna ruin it
And me

Counting numbered days

I think you know it's true
That's it
It's all over, i'm through
For a while we can smile
For the people that we're passing
And even if they're asking
We can lie

Counting numbered days

Looks like the sun is gonna set
Know that there's nothing i regret
All the things that i learned
Well i'd like to think i earned it
No need to go and burn it down now

Counting numbered days
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hahaha - always wonder if Eels' tunes are Beck; thought this was Jeff Tweedy!!
E is quite the prolific musician with many albums before and after this one, but Shootenanny remains one of my favorites.
 By_The_Bay wrote:

This guys voice is becoming unbearable.

Your mom's was too, but I gave her something to do.
A really slow, sad, downer version of some Snow Patrol song.
this guy sounds a bit like beck
I like it!
(Just feel bad for Anny) 
I just love everything I hear from this guy. Thanks RP :)
love eels. love
Bought this CD and nearly wore it out when it burst on the scene...think it was 2003 or 4, not the date listed here. Anyway, Mr. E rocks!
This guys voice is becoming unbearable.
Great song but not worth $1.29 on iTunes. Very dumb idea to impose that price point on people, even if you're just trying to drive them towards buying the whole album. 

bit derivative maybe... but really carried me away