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Rachel Zeffira — To Here Knows When
Album: The Deserters
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Total ratings: 52

Released: 2012
Length: 3:05
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Your fear
Your red button
Falls from my mouth
Your dress
Over your head
It's been so long
On top
Because that way
You touch her too
Your head
Come back again
To here knows when
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MBV had a new CD last year and it got rave reviews

Nice song, though hardly ground breaking..  The CD cover, however,  will help sales. {#Yes}
dreamy clavicles
 Dav3thedog wrote:
Julee Cruise?
It's very Twin Peaks, isn't it? Ethereal and dreamlike, but perhaps without David Lynch's menacing edge. Nice, though.
Julee Cruise?
The vocals remind me of My Bloody Valentine. But this isn't even close to shoegaze. Interesting.
I think this is a My Bloody Valentines cover.