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Bloc Party — So Here We Are
Album: Silent Alarm
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Total ratings: 47

Released: 2005
Length: 3:47
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I caught a glimpse
But it's been forgotten
So here we are

I made a vow
To carry you home

I really tried
To do what you wanted
It all went wrong

I made a vow
To carry you home
If you fall sick
If you pass out

I figured it out

I can see again
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And Bloc Party is a great live band!
Wow!  Glad to see some Bloc Party here.  Must add Banquet and Blue Light as well!

My wife and I listened to this album in my car on our first date.  We both new every word to every song.  That's when I knew she was a keeper. 
Interesting...this has been out many years...first listen for me here...good tune...
this is a highlight of a great album
Great! Reminds me of how much I like(d) them.
Apparently they are back from their hiatus?

8. Keep in the playlist!
So here it is... finally! 
This was a great album!