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The Cranberries — Waiting in Walthamstow
Album: Roses
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Total ratings: 82

Released: 2012
Length: 4:12
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You should never record with a sore voice. tsk  tsk!
It's not often you hear Walthamstow (or Walfamstow to the locals, narmean john?) referenced in songs, seeing as it's pretty much only famous for its dog track.
Tanks, Guns, Bombs, and now Roses
The cover artwork is like "hey — sorry about that — can we come back?  Please?"

if I whisper really quiet....
 chris_the_man wrote:
This is no rp music.delete please.....
guess they should have left and stayed gone
I'm normally well disposed to hearing Cranberries, but - wow - had to mute this one. I'm sure they were trying to be experimental, but it's just not working for me.
This is no rp music.delete please.....
Have always had a weak spot for them. Nice to welcome them back. With a nice tune as well.

 Ears_of_Stone wrote:
yes. please. i cannot stand this band.

The 'berries are back! Did anyone miss them? So now they've moved to Essex to be all Laaaandon and brit pop. I never managed to like or dislike them which is how I feel about this song.