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Kaiser Chiefs — Starts With Nothing
Album: The Future Is Medieval
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Total ratings: 39

Released: 2011
Length: 5:25
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not enough melody to justify the noise
GOD . . . MAKE IT STOP. Off goes the RP again. Bill . . . start listening to the scores on some of this stuff!
Reminds me of my first marriage.
 mandolin wrote:
...this is interesting...
I was about to say the same thing!
...this is interesting...
"Yes that is my final answer"

Possibly the worst (and even dated now) pop culture reference they could have picked.

Like the tune, but this lyric gets a "4".
Awsome, finally another KC song!  Love these guys!
hey, its my upload :))
Very reminiscent of 801 doing "Tomorrow Never Knows". Pretty good stuff.

remember you are dust and to dust you shall return
very logical train of thought here...