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Beck — Modern Guilt
Album: Modern Guilt
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Total ratings: 265

Released: 2008
Length: 3:12
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I feel uptight when I walk in the city
I feel so cold when I'm at home
Feels like everything's starting to hit me
I lost my bearings ten minutes ago

Modern guilt - I'm stranded with nothing
Modern guilt - I'm under lock-and-key
Misapprehension is turning into convention
Don't know what I've done but I feel ashamed

Standing outside the glass on the sidewalk
These people talk about impossible things
And I'm falling out of the conversation
Like a pawn piece in a human shield

Modern guilt is all in our hands
Modern guilt won't get me to bed
Say what you will - smoke your last cigarette
Don't know what I've done but I feel afraid
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Ho-hum.  Plodding rhythm and plain guitar strumming from an artist who has produced much more, creatively.
 Nice sound. Digging the piano and the guitar tones. Very, very Spoonish.
In thirty years critics and pundits will be dissecting Beck's music and lyrics like we do Dylan's today.
Amazed by the range of sound & melody Beck gathers, synthesizes and performs! Old guy from "those" music years likes what Beck brings!
Beck is a excellent example of those super creative people who write, produce and perform their own music.  Which is then played here and slammed by pretentious fifth graders who think the world wants to hear what they think.
So proud to live...so proud to die....
tap tap tap tap

What's with the beeping that's happening in the song? sounds like an instant message notification. I don't like it.

quiet nice for officework at friday! wouldn´t listen to it while drivin...at least not this weekend.

Pleasantly Forgettable