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Eddie Vedder — Can't Keep
Album: Ukulele Songs
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Total ratings: 71

Released: 2011
Length: 2:33
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I wanna shake, I wanna wind down
I wanna leave this mind and shout
I've lived all these lives
Like an ocean in disguise
I don't live forever
You can't keep me here

I wanna race
With the sundown
I want a last breath
That I don't let out

Every being
The bad feelings
It's just me

I won't wait
For answers
You can't keep
Me here

I wanna rise
And say goodnight
Wanna take
A look on the other side

I've lived
All those lives
It's been wonder
Full at night
I will live for
You can't keep
Me here
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I've never done this on RP before: MUTE
fredriley:  Leaning on the lamppost, indeed. 

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.  Children, this is your brain on drugs.
So many great comments on this one already...

Now Eddie is moaning and oh-oh-ing. Wow, this is really bad. But in a roflmao way. 
 Byronape wrote:
Just because Eddie could make an album of just him and a Uke, doesn't mean that he should have.

Normally I like Eddie and PJ...

My wife says from time to time, "Just because they make it in your size, does not mean you should wear it."

Just because Eddie could make an album of just him and a Uke, doesn't mean that he should have.
The hate is strongly aligned against this one. 

I like it.
 Steve wrote:
Absolutely Horrid!
Absolutely Horrid!
If only Tiny Tim were alive so we could see the wierdest duet ever on the Grammies.
The definition of Heaven:
The sound of a ukelele thrown into a dumpster, hitting an accordian on the way down.
Thank you Bill for the tidbit... I knew this was a PJ song. Interesting sound for an uke.
Second song I have heard from this album...thanks to RP, like this one a bit better.  Not sure how many times I could listen to it though...
Ukulele grunge.

Not working.
And we have yet more new music on RP. This is one of the things I love about this station, that every day that I listen I hear music I've never heard before (and would never hear on the feckin' radio, for sure). Ok, this doesn't grab me, but it's interesting. Pearl Jam meets George Formby (sorry, I always think of him when ukuleles are mentioned). I'm leaning on the lamp-post at the corner of the street...

George Formby poster

Rock that uke, goatboy!
I love this song... and will see him play Ukulele Songs next month... now I can look forward to hearing him play this!

This is actually kind of painful.