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Robbie Robertson — Fear of Falling
Album: How To Become Clairvoyant
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Total ratings: 91

Released: 2011
Length: 5:14
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I love anything this gorgeous man does....is that Clapton in the background vocal?

Very nice Robbie.  Has a Clapton feel, but better emotion and none of the attitude. {#Yes}
This one is growing on me.  I really like the production - nice warm feeling.  Simple with nice playing.
 LaurieinTucson wrote:
Sounds like Eric Clapton
Yup. It's not bad, but it's not memorable - standard old guitar player stuff, a la Clapton. 
Not bad. Some remembrance of Paul Carrack.
Bill & Rebecca, please add "He Don't Live Here No More" from the same album to the rotation.

"Named one of Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time, Robbie Robertson sets to release, How To Become Clairvoyant, his fifth solo album and his first record in more than 10 years. Guitar virtuosos Eric Clapton (who co-wrote three tracks with Robertson), Tom Morello and Robert Randolph guest on the album, which Robertson co-produced with Marius de Vries. How To Become Clairvoyant also features Steve Winwood and Trent Reznor as well as vocalists Angela McCluskey, Rocco Deluca, Dana Glover and Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes. Bassist Pino Palladino and drummer Ian Thomas lay down the groove throughout.On his last two albums Robertson explored his ancestry. Now, with How To Become Clairvoyant, he takes on his rock heritage, delivering his first-ever song about leaving The Band, the evocative This Is Where I Get Off."    9.

Not bad, wish it were a little better.  Everything is nicely done but somehow it feels a little generic.  Still enjoyable though.
Oh Robbie, how I've MISSED you!!! {#Good-vibes}
 dkdesigns wrote:
I know this guy has his fans, but I ain't one of 'em. Ha!

I know this guy has his fans, but I ain't one of 'em. Ha!
I don't know what I would have thought of this if I didn't know who was playing on this song. Would I have liked it more? I don't think it would have gotten my attention. I'll give the masters the benefit and I'll listen the rest of the album.  

separate, but not equal too. RR has had his last waltz

Definition of Ho Hum. 3
I really like this song.  It's good to hear from RR again, and I think the collaboration with Clapton works just fine. {#Sunny}
Great Album -
It is Eric Clapton.  Album also features Steve Winwood & Trent Reznor.  Though I'm a fan of RR & EC individually, not so on this song.
...the star-studded guest lineup on this album is kind of cool, but the clapton thing doesn't do much for me...i love cream, love derek and the dominos, heck, i even love his session work with roger waters, but i'm not a fan of much of clapton's solo efforts, which this track echoes too strongly for my tastes...
Love this one! Just got the album, and this song immediately jumped out at me. Nice collaboration with Eric.
Sounds like Eric Clapton