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PJ Harvey — Silence
Album: White Chalk
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Total ratings: 45

Released: 2007
Length: 3:00
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All those places
Where I recall the memories
that grip me,
and pin me down.

I go to these places
intending to think,
And think of nothing,
But anticipate.

And somehow,
expect you'll find me there,
That, by some miracle,
You'd be aware.

I'd risen this morning
determined to break the spell
my longing not to think

I freed myself from my family
I freed myself from work
I freed myself
Freed myself
And remained alone

And in my thinking
I'd steal you away
though you never wanted me anyway

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Hey, a repeat sequence of songs. Upbeat to very depressing. I do love PJ but boy is this song depressing. Oh well.
First listen. Sublime. Wow.
The creepy chick vibe is going a little long for me.
Conjure One
Kate Bush
PJ Harvey
All in a row!
Don't get me wrong. I dig the hell out of these women, but good lord, I'm near ready to slit my wrists.
Or at least cry in my coffee.

Awesome. . .

Magic Polly
and thanks for adding everything!
Long live Radio Paradise!
your biggest fan, 
Love PJ - love the arc of her career.  Need to get this album
Thanks for adding this! {#Cheers}