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Shearwater — Black Eyes
Album: Golden Archipelago
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Total ratings: 32

Released: 2010
Length: 3:34
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Come down from the lion's back
Call down to the endless sleepers
Give life to the dimming days
That run in an endless stream now

In the black of the eye
In the heat of the act
Is a crack in the ice

Come down from the iron wheel
Come back from the endless labor
Look down on the rolling waves
That strike on the crumbling reef now

Is what the body becomes
In the bellow aloud
In the crack of the drum
But if the body dies
What is left of the heart
Burns white

No light on the western shore
No sign of the ships at anchor
No sound but the roaring winds
No warmth but the life behind the eye

And what the body allows
Is a flash in the heart
Until the memory dies
And a forever life
Is an infinite lie
Hung wide
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 scraig wrote:
The offspring of Meatloaf and Bjork?

Ha! Pretty close!!
 Jelani wrote:



The offspring of Meatloaf and Bjork?
First hearing of this group.  Vocals seemed strained, but maybe that was intentional.
Will listen again before rating, but I can see some potential {#Think} 
Interesting. Attention-grabbing. Perhaps a grower. Typically RP :). 6 from the Nottingham jury. And here's a (manx) shearwater for you - cute, or what?

Loving this album thus far!
I like some stuff on their  album "Palo Santo" (the title track) and '"La Dame et la Licorne."
those two tracks I know real well; downloaded the current album but haven't really listened to it yet.
Maybe an even slower, prettier one than "Black Eyes" would be good?