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Natalie Merchant — The Janitor's Boy
Album: Leave Your Sleep
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Total ratings: 42

Released: 2010
Length: 3:40
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Oh I'm in love with the janitor's boy,
And the janitor's boy loves me;
He's going to hunt for a desert isle
In our geography.

A desert isle with spicy trees
Somewhere near Sheepshead Bay;
A right nice place, just fit for two
Where we can live always.

Oh I'm in love with the janitor's boy,
He's busy as he can be;
And down in the cellar he's making a raft
Out of an old settee.

He'll carry me off, I know that he will,
For his hair is exceedingly red;
And the only thing that occurs to me
Is to dutifully shiver in bed.

The day that we sail, I shall leave this brief note,
For my parents I hate to annoy:
"I have flown away to an isle in the bay
With the janitor's red-haired boy."
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To understand this song, and this album, you need to understand the whole concept behind the album, which is essentially herself setting obscure nonsense poems by mostly obscure poets to song. It's a moving and fascinating and charming experience, for this listener at least, and is one of the few albums which will remain with me until I shuffle off this mortal coil.

See Wikipedia on Leave Your Sleep.
I love NM, but puh-LEEZ make it stop!!{#Frown}
 Forest267 wrote:

LOL... Sorry, didn't mean to associate you with this drivel.

Thanks, I appreciate that!

 ick wrote:
What Forest267 wrote:

LOL... Sorry, didn't mean to associate you with this drivel.

Wow, I've just found another reason to hate Natalie Merchant more.
uuuuurgh - vomit!
This is not my Natalie!
What Forest267 wrote:

Very honky-tonk and Scott Joplin. Trad jazz with a sexy blues voice. You could just hear it on the soundtrack of a remake of The Sting. Ver' nahce - 7 from the Nottingham jury.
What about the dancing bear? Is he at the ball also?
I appreciate your playing this new CD of hers, but I hate this like I hate the other two songs you have played....horrid and unappealing
...i appreciate her change in direction...
I love the old time feel to this. Besides that, I tend to like Natalie Merchant's work. I gave it a 9 because it made me look up from my work to see what song this was. I recently acquired this cd set and am still working my way through it. The documentary out with the live performance of most of the songs is also excellent.

I love this song. I love it even more since the lyrics were written by an 11 year old.
she's in love with the janitor's balls? what's so great about em?
Quite a few numbers off this album in the rotation here. Not entirely sure what to think of it all.