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Eels — In My Younger Days
Album: End Times
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Total ratings: 47

Released: 2010
Length: 3:17
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In my younger days
This wouldn't have been so hard
I would've just shrugged it off
But now it's tough
I'm not so rough
I've got a little ways to go
It's not over yet, I know
But it feels
Not so far away

In my younger days
This still would've knocked me down
But I would've just bounced right back, you know
Now I'm a statistic
But I'm not fatalistic
I'm not yet resigned to fate
And I'm not gonna be ruled by hate
But it's strong
And it's filling up my days

In my younger days
I would've just chalked it up
As part of my ongoing education
But I've had enough
Been through some stuff
And I don't need any more misery
To teach me what I should be
I just need you back
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Ok... it's not upbeat, but not everything is. I liked that.
As any Cockney knows, eels should be jellied and served up with green liquor and mash. Which would be far more appetising and interesting than this narcoleptic lament. 3 from the snoozy Nottingham jury.
I'm still trying to like the music of the Eels, but I just can't seem to get into it. Maybe it's that repeated vowel in the name. Maybe it's the "think-tank" atmosphere of the lyrics. Maybe it's - oh, I don't know what it is! I just am not fond of their sound. *shrugs*  Different strokes for different blokes/folks/tokes/spokes - one of those "okes" words. I always get them mixed up.
wow i feel like pooooh{#Snooty}
sure is a droning and depressing set this morning
Bill, u ok out there?

"I just need you back."

After all that groaning I expected something a bit more profound.

Would the Zen master please hit this guy?  Jeez.
...reminds me of the art on a few calexico covers...
Now, a maudlin set for Monday morning.
I find the Eels extremely variable. I like it when he straight out sings and has nice tunes. But this talky, supersensitive stuff where he screeches on the high notes is really difficult to listen to.
very down, very.
The whole album is about the painful end of a long relationship for E.
I guess we shouldn't expect many happy songs.