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Hem — He Came to Meet Me
Album: Funnel Cloud
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Total ratings: 51

Released: 2006
Length: 4:18
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Hem has some really gorgeous music, with something to say. This isnt quite one of those. Definitely falls short of the something special it usually takes to get onto RP play. "6".
Very pretty piece,  Thanks Bill
What a beautiful voice....... More Hem please........
Hem? Hem-hem. Ho-hum {#Sleep}
nice song, just doesn't fit the rest of the set being played today
Kinda thought this album as a whole was weak compared to their other efforts
The album production sounds ......I don't know, rushed, maybe
(I know, deep comment but you've got to run with what works.  Hard enough to find anything in this world that does.)
Very pleasant tune.  Plus I like the bee on the cover.
YES! A little HEM in the afternoon. {#Whistle}
He should have let you stay there. Damn him!