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Zumbaland — Gigini
Album: Adila
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Total ratings: 83

Released: 2006
Length: 6:16
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Одна вещь, я должен сказать
О Суде жизни
Почему'т он делает различий,
Между человеком храбрым и трус?!

Gigini (Croon)

One thing I have to say
About the Judgment of life
Why can't he make difference,
Between the man brave and coward?!
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Thank God there are no windows in my office - I would have jumped out one of them before this song ended.  No redeeming social value IMHO.

It's making me nervous.

 jagdriver wrote:
Very pleasant.
It is but I'm not sure I could drive while listening to it!

Very pleasant.
love it.
What an amazing track!!
I dig!{#Bananajam}