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Album: Flavors Of Entanglement
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Total ratings: 46

Released: 2008
Length: 4:47
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This song I wish I missed
This song is not for the weak of heart
This song will make you feel raw despondence
I never dreamed I would have to wait for crap like this to end

Interested in hearing from this CD, but this is a little too soppy for me.
Crash Test Dummies -> Alanis M. ? What did I do wrong?
dancingfox wrote:
(trash deleted)
Dude. Video game broken again? Sucks for us--now we've gotta read your 6th grade crap.
dancingfox wrote:
(trash deleted)
I thought the age limit for posting on RP was 14 and above? Oh, and I think your mom said to not play on the computer when she's not home.
Smoove_D wrote:
Check out his other comments. I'm ashamed to share a city with him.
Um, no thanks.
It's either love it or hate it, and I fall firmly in the hate it category.
snowcat wrote:
Wrong forum Sicko.
Check out his other comments. I'm ashamed to share a city with him.
Another song from her newest album on RP. I like this one better than the other one Bill's played. I think it was called metamorphosis? This one's more melodic.
Very nice!
dancingfox wrote:
(trash deleted)
You think she's talking about that actor Ryan Reynolds who traded her in for Scarlett Johannsen?
she tends to write songs about exes, i wonder if this is about the one that is now engaged to scarlett
I'll be buying this on my way home today... I love her!
I realize that it's unfair to expect an artist to stay angry or sad, but the music is SO MUCH BETTER when they stick to what they know:) I prefer this to "Thank You."
dancingfox wrote:
(trash deleted)
Wrong forum Sicko.
dancingfox wrote:
(trash deleted)
So now we have "cool"" teenagers listening to RP. Way to go?
Once sad, always sad....
Talk about polarization!
Alanis is back. I like it.
Nice to hear Alanis in RP