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Bryan Ferry — Your Painted Smile
Album: The Platinum Collection
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Total ratings: 34

Released: 1988
Length: 3:09
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Too fast to live
Too young to die
One stolen kiss babe
A certain smile

We never close babe
We dance all night
I'm lost inside babe
Your painted smile

The name of the place
The name of the place

You'll never know babe
The state I'm in
It's a plastic world babe
No tiger skin

Don't talk to me (don't talk to me)
Your perfume sighs
I'm lost inside babe
Your painted smile

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that picture is pitiful but....... I am a big Roxy/ B Ferry fan and I didn't know this song. I like it
Doing my part to drop the overall rating.
sutcliff wrote:
LoL... :mad:
EssexTex wrote:
Is that his sex face?....he looks like he's straining
Does he have the mumps or something?