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God is an Astronaut — Fire Flies and Empty Skies
Album: All is Violent, All is Bright
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Total ratings: 582

Released: 2006
Length: 3:54
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Oh - yeah I heard the name a few times before and didn't listen - now with this and hearing a few times on RP I love them...  
Oh! I think I’m going to do some digging into these guys catalog!! Excellent.
 mandolin wrote:

...this is quite likeable...

Never understood what "quite likeable" actually means from a psychological point of view.
First time hearing this. Nice.
Never knew this was a genre I seem to need in my life. 
Please sing something.
my rating 8

Well that was whup ass smoking hot. Is there a replay button somewhere? 
 mandolin wrote:
...this is quite likeable...


Yeah! Quite likeable! Play again!
DeemerDave wrote:
Some rock music is just better without lyrics. Too bad not everyone feels the same way.
like Radiohead, for example?
...this is quite likeable...
heard first of this band here on RP and bought the CD. very nice album!
every time I hear it I have to mentally sing to it no real word lyrics yet but my brain can't NOT try ;) funny, this is the only instrumental song my brain does that to
One of the better tracks from the album. Huzzah! For those of you who are hunting for a cheap copy, this one is available for download from eMusic, which comes out to about ten bucks. Support your RP indie artists!
I wouldn't dare try to pry people away from Radio Paradise, but I've heard a few good tracks off this album, and wonder if it's any good to buy... Last.fm ">(click here) has the full CD available for preview. I'll have to give that a listen, and see if it fits my purchase list! I'm in now way affiliated, either... just thought it was a cool site.
I bought this cd a couple of weeks ago after hearing it here, and it was well worth the $23 (used!) price. The only negative thing I can say about it is that, at 45 minutes, it's too short. This is coming from someone who loves repetitive music, though. The place I bought it from (via the Amazon link here, of course ) was also a record label, and they sent me three freebies. Some of it was even good!
Liked this one very much. Some rock music is just better without lyrics. Too bad not everyone feels the same way.
Yes, that's Radio P a r a d i s e ! Another great band!
I was going to buy this and got "Far From Refuge" by mistake. It's excellent. 6 for this song so far.
Amazing segue from Sheila Chandra to God is an Astronaut; I thought it was the same song initially. Only one RP will you find these kinds of transitions.
not bad