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Hooverphonic — Frosted Flake Wood
Album: The Magnificent Tree
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Total ratings: 45

Released: 2000
Length: 3:14
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Johnny went to frosted flake
To go for a walk in the frozen wood
He bumped into a mushroom
That sold his body for some warm food
"Eat me my friend, you'll be the leader of the band"
Johnny's hand reached out
Luckily there was mr doubt
Mr doubt the old man was the surveyor
Of frosted flake wood
He tried to sell hesitation wherever he could
"Buy some doubt"
Feel free he yelled loud
"Friends it won't hurt"
Luckily there was big bird
For god's sake run away
Or it won't be your lucky day
Leave this forest behind
This ain't a place for human kind
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holy shit
Crap-ola. Play Jackie Cane instead.
It's sweet of them to let the guy with the speech impediment try to sing.