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Yeah Yeah Yeahs — Dudley
Album: Show Your Bones
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Total ratings: 97

Released: 2007
Length: 3:36
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This has a distinct similarity to the Metric sound: waiflike but tough woman fronting an alternative rock band. Which is a damn good thing as I think that Metric is the dog's bollocks. 8 from the Nottingham jury.
No No Nos
this is the first time I've heard them here, why so seldom? Great band.
Cute feel to this one! If it starts getting played every day I'll be driven insane, but once in awhile is good.
I love this band! More YYYs please.
Not bad but it kind of loses itself in finding a central theme.
sirrus wrote:
"Mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird..."
haha exactly - epic retro alt instrumentation to distract us from the fact that it's just an insipid nursery rhyme
Great song
Ouch! And not the good kinda ouch!
Underwhelming, I'm afraid.
"Mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird..."
Hmm... I think I'll reserve judgement until after I see them this weekend.
mamashannon wrote:
I like this girlie rock sound
Chicks Can't Rock! Just kidding this is some pretty good stuff, but then I have been enjoying the 3Y's for about 4 years now.
No,No No