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Paul McCartney — Only Mama Knows
Album: Memory Almost Full
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Total ratings: 39

Released: 2007
Length: 4:16
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Go Paul!!!!!
Well I'll let all the rest of you guys whine and moan about Paul to your heart's content. As for me, I love this song! Paul is my hero!
Wow! A lot of mean spiritedness in a post Beatles world!!! Give the guy a break, how do you follow the genius of the Beatles legacy? Has Sir Paul become the George Lucas of Rock & Roll?
I again assert that the Beatles are dying in reverse order or their value. The best died first. Which means, of course, that Ringo goes next, and McCartney will live to be about 110.
hang on a minute, this has to be some kind of record.. 13 posts in 4 minutes..
must be hard to recreate yourself a thousand times...
By far not his worst, but I don't need to hear this again anytime soon.
I liked this enough to come see who it was. I was stunned to see it's Sir Paul.
Nice chair. My grandparents had one just like it. I think their cat used to throw up in it which, ironically, sounded a lot like this song only with fewer violins.
Your mother SHOULD know, right Paul?
The older I get, the more Paul McCartney feels like he's about my age. It's the same kind of thing that always amazes me when I realize how close in age '80's punk rockers are to me. Paul has aged gracefully, though he surely has aged....7 for this.
ick.. Paul! Great production, lousy song...
Not too bad, but I think this guy MIGHT have done some better tunes in his career....
redtex wrote:
He'll never make it in this busuness!!
redtex wrote:
He'll never make it in this busuness!!
what? this made me sit up... certainly a damn sight better than that last effort.
I don't like the song. It seems kind of forced.
Nice effort, good for him...
Only Mama knows why you married that woman, Paul. This song rocks, and it rolls.
Ibis99 wrote:
This guy sucks!!!!!!!!!
He'll never make it in this busuness!!
what the hell is this?
This guy sucks!!!!!!!!!