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The Sundays — Goodbye
Album: Blind
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Total ratings: 294

Released: 1992
Length: 4:39
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I vow that it's goodbye
I vow that it's goodbye and God bless
Why did we have to assume
We're exactly the same?
O no, talking about yourself

I vow that it's goodbye to the old ways
Those stories were a good read
They were dumb as well
I could never be seen
Falling down on my knees crawling
O no, talk about a sell

O as the heavens shudder baby
I belong to you
O they said you get what you deserve
And all they said was true

So is this what it's come to?
Am I cold or just a little bit warm?
O well
Just give me an easy life and a peaceful death
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She reminds me of my love Edie Brickell. Such a soft and bluesy tone.
Never heard this before,   nice!
I just heard this song for the first time tonight, at least consciously. I have this CD but apparently didn't give it much attention (RP pointed me in this direction). For one of a number of songs on an album, the lyrics and music are pretty damn good. I think that musicians, and artists in general, produce lots of work that somehow gets ignored, and thus the work that went into it is not recognized. But a simple read of the lyrics tells me that this was not a casual composition. A buzzed thought?
 Duluoz wrote:

 I had a huge crush on her when I was little. Loved all their albums. Great memories.

I can get that.

Loved this band then, still love them now. I saw them in concert in SF way back in the early 90's. Had the biggest schoolboy crush on Harriet Wheeler.  It's just too bad they stopped making music.
Wow! Does this song take me back to the good old college days or what? I had the biggest crush on Harriet Wheeler back then. Awesome song! 
Love this band, especially on cold days. And yes, I'm also in love with their debut album but sounds like I should get to know this album as well...
A super band-surprised only 4/5 tracks of them on RP
 mrcookieface wrote:
I just love love love Harriet Wheeler. *sigh*
 I had a huge crush on her when I was little. Loved all their albums. Great memories.

 SmilinJimmy wrote:
Sort of a Sixpence None The Richer feel - very cool.

That's the analogy I was looking for!  Very pleasant, completely harmless . . .

I think their first record was their best (that is a cliche I know, but that is what I think.)
Great tune from perhaps one of the greatest (and one of the most underated) bands of the 90s.
Sort of a Sixpence None The Richer feel - very cool.
Not sure why so many folks like her voice. Take away the electronics and you've got air.
I like The Sundays, she has a beautiful voice, especially on Wild Horses.
Bill, please play more of The Sundays. I love this band. Thanks.
Haven't heard this in years. Just a lovely little song.
Good to hear some Sundays on RP :music:
I just love love love Harriet Wheeler. *sigh*
First impression: "This sounds like something right out of the LRC!" Not bad, I look forward to hearing a few more times to adjust my rating some.
This has always been one of my favorite groups
Love her voice. Kind of soothing and haunting at the same time....