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Joan Osborne — I Know What's Goin' On
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You would make a mistake
If you think I'm not awake
I know what's goin' on
You've been lying to me

But I don't want to set you free
I know what's goin' on

I'm the one who makes you happy
You got to know that for sure
Come on can we give our love just one more try
Make it better than it was before

Did you try to resist
Was she longing to be kissed
I know what's going on
You have changed who you are
I been watching from afar
I know what's going on

I know what's goin' on
I know what's goin' on

Does she whisper, does she sing
Does she say you're everything
I know what's goin' on
I can see it in my head
When we're lying in our bed
I know what's goin' on

I'm so angry I could murder, oohh
And I'm so lonesome in my mind
Oh, how I wish I didn't love you baby
But you got me hangin' on your line


I will wait for this to end
Cause I know you'll need a friend
When at last she breaks your heart
Cause the only way to win
Is to get you back again
Until then I'll fall apart

I know what's goin' on

(ad lib to end)
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Joan Osborne - Live in Studio (2007):

"Joan Osborne's new release from Time Life is out on May 22nd. Titled Breakfast In Bed, the forthcoming album is best described as an homage to the great Soul and R&B songs of the late 60s and early 70s. It will contain a mixture of her powerful interpretations of classic songs as well as new originals written by Ms. Osborne in a style and sound faithful to the classics."