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Death Cab for Cutie — Rockin' Chair
Album: Endless Highway - The Music of The Band
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Total ratings: 42

Released: 2007
Length: 5:11
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I am open for it 7 so far.
Initially, I thought Death Cab for Cutie might be a band with some cred. Until I went to see them in concert- yawn.... Death Cab are the new Genesis. Ben, please leave decent songs alone- take your money and do something else with it.
I had to register, just to post a comment on this cover of a great Band song. Deathcab's good, and some of their songs border on wonderful. This one? Not so much. It's very "americana lite" to me, with the soul of the original vocals sucked completely dry. Have a listen to Richard Manuel's lead vocals, then hear Levon Helm chime in some harmony. Hard to top that, really. I'll have a listen to the other covers, though, as my own band plays a few of THE Band's songs. I wonder, too, if bands that contribute to these "tribute" compilations aren't torn between paying homage to the artist and re-working the song as their own? I can think of a few dozen examples both ways. (Gram Parsons' tribute comes to mind.)
Hear the sound, Willie Boy, The Flyin' Dutchman's on the reef. It's my belief We've used up all our time, This hill's to steep to climb, And the days that remain ain't worth a dime
What's the story for this album?
Not bad, not great so far a 6
Uhm, well . . . maybe!