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Sarah Blasko — Always on This Line
Album: What the Sea Wants the Sea Will Have
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Released: 2006
Length: 4:02
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sarah blasko i by ~criminal-enterprises
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sarah blasko at the bowery ballroom in nyc. september 2005.

Sarah Blasko - 'Always On This Line' Live-video (2006)
"Recording in April 2006, Sarah set to task bringing to life a brand new set of songs she only began working on at the beginning of the year. In a strange twist of fate, Blasko headed straight from her performance of the Crowded House flagship number, "Don't Dream It's Over", at the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony, to Neil Finn's own Roundhead Studios, in Auckland, New Zealand. "

"spectacular clip! "       "She didnt even take a shower! :P  "  lol

Pretty unoriginal. If I wanted this kind of style i'd take Sophie Zelmani.
Sounds like Anna Terheim
Argh I hate to be critical.. She's pretty good.
Nice...but it seems like I've heard this many times before.