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Talk Talk — Pictures of Bernadette (Dance Mix)
Album: Asides Besides
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Total ratings: 36

Released: 1998
Length: 8:01
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Personally, I don't think dance mixes have a place off the dance floor. Too long and repetitive.
no never
Interesting if not essential remix. Good to hear things in a different context from time to time, though. Not just the same old same old.
Ahh. It's over. A bit . . . oh . . . long, say, for my taste. (It did last several hours, didn't it?)
Once you get past the album art, this is "interesting." Where was I when TT was active?
Hmmm, I dunno. I'll have to hear it in another context. If Bill isn't in the studio at this moment, how is this being played for the first time? {Edit: it must be the second time it is being played, and it's just that nobody commented the first time?} Neil