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Miranda Lee Richards — Folkin' Hell
Album: The Herethereafter
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Total ratings: 59

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Length: 4:35
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What the folk is this?
give it a 3
Hey, I kinda like this too, it noodles along quite nicely.
superflyLD wrote:
I like this... and I LOVE the title... ha
Ha! And this Fokker was flyin!
Wow -- I am really out of synch with the other commenters today. Boring? I came on to say that I thought this was a really interesting blend of styles. Oh well! I give it a 7.
OK, I'll make the most obvious post... What the Folkin' Hell is this?!?!
Rickvee wrote:
This song is sorta listless.
Quite Boring..... zzzzzzzz
I like this... and I LOVE the title... ha
Sorry, but this song and the artist will vanish in the deep of my musical gedÀchtnis. Quite boring... :yawn:
Miranda is buddies with Anton from The Brian Jonestown Massacre. This song is sorta listless.
Boring music...
yeah the song title is great. I kind of like the song too. Never heard of her before.
Heh. The name of the song is worth a chuckle.