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Mazzy Star — Unreflected
Album: So Tonight That I Might See
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Total ratings: 262

Released: 1993
Length: 3:37
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Once it's life's fortunate
Isn't this so
The unreflected feeling
Of a shortened flattened soul
The life that cuts the cold

Now is in your past
In our memories
We don't have much to say
We don't have much to say
We don't have much

Follow anybody
Is that what you do
Maybe it transfits to
Don something else to do
Now we know what we'll be in the past
Another story
Another life that's left
Another life that's left
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Love me some Mazzy

so Hope Sandoval (aka Mazzy Star) is playing a show at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston... and the crowd is getting restless... it is a very dimly lit show (at the artist's request) and a lot of people were there to see Hope b/c they heard she was cute... not a shadow on stage.. so a bit into the show a quiet crowd started chit-chatting, drinking at the bar and what-not. Mazzy stopped the show and started complaining about the crowd being too loud. Someone shouted out "We love you Hope!" to which she replied: "I don't need you to love me. I need you to SHUT THE F**K UP!" Amazingly bizarre moment out of all the live shows I've worked/seen. Almost the whole crowd turned on her. She was very apologetic after the show and is a TOTAL SWEETHEART in person. Just an off night I guess.
I uploaded it so I will say its the best :)
Love this cd, not the song. Just pretty good.
Not "Fade Into You" for a change. Nice to hear something else.