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The Saw Doctors — Never Mind the Strangers
Album: All the way from Tuam
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Total ratings: 33

Released: 1992
Length: 5:28
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I really like all of the Waterboys stuff but I wish that there would be more Saw Doctors too.
Sure it's Sunday, but it's a football sunday and the barbeques already lit, so I'll raise another one to these guys.
I uploaded a few Saw Doctors songs that didn't make it. Mine were a little more raucous. They can be very smarmy but there are a few that are a riot. Saw them in San Jose at the Guinness Fleadh several years ago, and that was all-out drunken bedlam. Then Shane MacGowan & the Popes came on. :drunk: I wouldn't miss them if they're still touring.
this would be more fun surrounded by recently emptied pint glasses of guinness
The sawdoctors claim to fame is that's its a so-so bar band from Tuam that made it big. Think of the movie "The Commitments" If you're in an irish bar there will always be a sawdoctors CD in the jukebox. They play live a lot at irish festivals and towns stuffed with the like.
aristoteles wrote:
That front cover...umm, :naughty:
I second that emoticon! So.bad.
Some friends of mine do a great cover of this which is more Pogueslike. Blaggards.com
SlamAdams wrote:
christy moore + prozac
Google Saw Doctors and one will find www.sawdoctors.com - Official site of the Irish supergroup. I always think Saw Doctors when someone says Irish Supergroup.
A great Friday song!
That front cover...umm, :naughty:
Who are these guys?
Augustus wrote:
mildly but its hard to root against good spirited drinking songs.
interesting, I can safely say I've never heard this before.