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Sonic Youth — The Neutral
Album: Rather Ripped
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Total ratings: 26

Released: 2006
Length: 4:02
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I really dislike this band. For some ungodly reason I've actually seen them twice as an opening act. They've never impressed me in the SLIGHTEST. I can only say they remind me of every garage band I've ever heard or played in during high school. Only with better mixed sound. To me, that's their level. But hey, there's room in the musical universe for everyone. Just not my cup of tea.
muskrat-toast wrote:
This song is even better LIVE.
One would hope so. Because this studio version blows in a bad way.
I've heard good songs from Sonic Youth. I know good songs from Sonic Youth. This, sir, is not a good song from Sonic Youth. No, sir.
This song is even better LIVE.
Yeah! Great song...haven't heard this before! Thanks RP!
Congrats on a cool upload! Sonic Youth Groove!
WWWWWHHHHEEEEWWWW....This is ok in small doses but for some reason it just grates on my nerves. Maybe it's the off key whining?...S~