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Album: Silver
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Length: 2:30
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Man, I love this song. It came up on Pandora and I've been enjoying it since.
All you naysayers need to chill out and broaden your horizons. It ain't rock, it' ain't rap, it ain't emo and it sure ain't country. But it's simple, touching and innocent. Why not just let it be what it is?
My wife likes it.
I said this about another of their tunes played on RP: Sounds like the Roches.
Well, at least the album cover matches the blandness of the tune.
nelamvr6 wrote:
This sucks. Hard.
Generally, I like it when something sucks hard. This doesn't but I like it anyway
Reminds me of Melanie's "Brand New Key." Only not as good.
summer camp?
This sucks. Hard.
What is Erin McKeown doing singing with the Kings of Convenience? In any case, I don't like this.
refreshingly simple.
Silver Maggi, Pierce And EJ
stevo_b wrote:
Michael let me show you the mute button....
lol! My thoughts exactly!
whew. . . for a minute there I thought that I was 6 years old, back in an evangelical Sunday School and I was going to be asked to sing the lead on the next stanza. . . please don't ever play this again. . .
Michael let me show you the mute button....
one of the most refreshing bands you can imagine - great live performance! if you ever get the chance to see them play - GO! cool music, cool show and great folks too :daisy:
Reminds me of that awful corny flower power guitar singing duo in the church in Four Weddings and a Funeral! :lol: :puke:
Michael, your girlfriend is annoying.
If you don't know their music check them out. Multi-talented, tight vocals, great live show. I see them in Florida frequently and never disappointed.