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Pearl Jam — World Wide Suicide
Album: Pearl Jam
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Total ratings: 70

Released: 2006
Length: 3:22
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Crank it up you light weight douches!!!!!   EV is is just wicked. 
wirefixer wrote:
Too loud for my taste!
They're angry. Loud always works well with angry. Personally, I think this is a great song. And when I could finally pick out what Vedder's saying, it became even better.
Agreed, way too old.
mute...Eddie Vedder just can't sing...and I'm way too old for this
Too loud for my taste!
PJ hasn't lost their touch. But I'm still recovering from my last head-banging convention.......... :skull: :guitarist: :drummer: :guitarist: :skull:
Great to hear this. Can't wait to see them on tour this summer. MMJ is opening, what could be better?